“Eating (and NOT eating) my way through the world of food ethics.”

I am a scientist, and passionate philosopher who loves to write. I believe that every choice we make is a vote, our say in how we want the world to be. I am also a shameless hypocrite with a strong heart and a wicked sense of humour. I hold a doctorate in the Sciences and I like to use my research background towards providing quality, in-depth articles for my readers. I currently reside in the Rainforest of tropical Australia. I get a lot of inspiration from where I live, from my friends, and my family. This blog first came about from an emotional knee-jerk reaction, a moment where I decided to pull back my curtain of ignorance to see what it meant to eat what I eat.  I want to reveal to you here both my good and bad choices, my imperfections, and what I discover along the way. If you start to pull your own curtain back, you too may start to feel little niggles of anger, but I don’t want you to become an angry person. I want us all to feel a little less helpless, a little happier, and a bit healthier too. I don’t expect that we’ll completely throw this lovely little curtain accessory away, but I want  to use it less and less. So we’ll start with food, and then who knows where this will go.

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