Feeling A Bit More Refreshed…Ahhhh

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Feeling A Bit More Refreshed…Ahhhh

So that was a little bit of an extended vacation from my blog. I have been very busy during this time…thinking, eating, stuffing up…you know, the usual  My biggest inspiration lately has been my son’s intense and long-lasting fascination with dinosaurs. What does this have to do with eating and ethics? Well you’ll just have to wait and see. I’m refreshed and on fire to write, so please stand by xx
Don’t you love this pic? Looks like heaven to me 


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    December 3, 2016

    Well, perhaps it is a reason of “cognitive simplicity” but it really feels a very artificial line when someone refuses to eat meat in every situation, with all associated consequences, like they are invited to relatives for christmas eve dinner and they won’t eat meat, putting extra burden on the person inviting him so they cook a secondary vegetarian meal for him, and yet not caring much about the rats that are killed regularly in the basement of his apartment by the pest control.


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