What do we eat when there’s “nothing?”

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What do we eat when there’s “nothing?”

The title sounds as though I’m about to embark on a deep philosophical discussion on food, followed by a short discussion on “if a tree falls in the forest, does anybody hear it?” Now don’t be too disappointed, but no. What I’m referring to here, is the phrase “there’s nothing to eeeeaaattt.” This sentence commonly walks out of the mouths of husbands and teenage boys while they simultaneously open and reopen the fridge and cupboard doors, hoping to find a freshly baked pizza and a tub of ice cream. In my own home, I’m particularly enjoying watching my husband pace about my kitchen in search of his sugar hit, agitated like an ex-smoker desperate for a nicotine fix. The cupboards keep opening and closing as though each reopening is a new opportunity for the magical pizza to appear. Despite a whole week of practice, I find myself to be the same crazy person, opening and closing the cupboards looking for that something that I know isn’t there. I’m not even hungry, but I WANT it! I open the fridge again…do you know how sucky all of those beautiful vegetables look when you’re seeking magical pizzas and chocolate cake? Not another f-ing cucumber from the local market! I could give a stuff about my health in these moments. So what do we eat when there is “nothing?” The answer for me, was a banana…and I hate bananas. The texture makes me want to gag. There were a few things that I could have prepared, but nothing that I felt like. You know how we speak about some kids as “fussy eaters,” and how the antidote to that is the attitude of “if they’re hungry enough, they’ll eat it.” Well it’s true! It’s true for them and for us as well. It has made me realise that even though it is a joy to cook and eat delicious food, I’m reminded that it is also a luxury. We have the power to surround ourselves with all the food that we love, without even having to think about what we need. 

PS. I think I’m addicted to sugar. Hm.

The Weekly Round-Up!
This last week has been mostly successful. My kitchen cupboards look fantastic! Half empty, but fantastic! We ended up purchasing 4L of milk, which is half of what we’d normally purchase in a week. I’ve decided that cereal is a great way to waste milk. Oh, and making Anzac bikkies are a great way to waste butter. All of the dairy was from Mungalli Creek or some organic butter farm in the Netherlands. We went through 3 bags of rubbish, about half of a typical week for us, and I spent $260 on groceries. I made a Brazilian fish stew on Sunday with some below average fish, from New Zealand, that I found in the depths of my deep freezer.

After going through literally EVERYTHING in my kitchen, I found that most of the food I had was Australian. I have nothing against supporting foreign markets, this is just about low-mileage food. I’ve attached a very simplistic graph for your viewing pleasure.

Good night everyone. Time to sleep.

Table 1. Kitchen contents: In blue is the proportion of food items purchased in Australia, and in red, are imported goods.

Market Score! Everything (from left to right) up to the lemons and capsicum are local. The remainder are from further south Queensland and I believe the garlic is from Europe. Delicious food though.

I need to sleep some more so I can rant and crack jokes properly. I’m losing my mojo with all of this sleep deprivation…yay! Teething babies!

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