The “Passionate Asshole”

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The “Passionate Asshole”

Good evening readers. I have so much that I wish to tell you about tonight. I’m writing several blog entries at a time in my head about this culinary adventure and I promise that they’ll soon be here for your viewing pleasure. In addition I will reveal the general “itinerary” of this journey in a subsequent entry . But before I get nose deep into that, I’ve decided to write a little something on being a bleeding-heart know-it-all:

Oh we all know them. And perhaps we might have even been them once or twice. You know the one. That one person at the social event that just can’t stick to light topics such as the weather or the artwork on the walls. The one that makes you uncomfy. The one that gets so in your face about their #ETHICS that you kinda feel like punching them in the head? In fact you’re pretty sure that given a chain link fence, a gas mask, and a set of handcuffs, this person would start their own mini-protest right then and there. Ya you know the one. These personality types ultimately are passionate about making the world a better place, which is great, but they have this way of irritating you and pushing you in the opposite direction: the direction that makes you want to eat a dolphin and wear a fur coat. Yes you know them. I would like to refer to this type as the “passionate asshole.”

Discussing how we eat or what we eat is right up there with discussing politics and religion at a dinner party. It’s ethics. Everybody has an ethical code by which they live by. We just don’t discuss these things because, quite simply, we like our friends and we’d like to keep them 🙂 Discussing ethics in a way where neither party is ready to listen to ideas and opinions that may challenge or conflict with their own moral code, is a recipe for disaster. Neither party will succeed in teaching the other anything. We just end up pissing each other off and we learn nothing. We achieve nothing. In fact even though I am very nearly a strict vegetarian and I agree entirely with the principles on which it is based, I am very capable of rebellion given a conversation with the passionate asshole. And I hate to admit it, but sometimes, and maybe even more often than that, I’ve been that “well-meaning person.” We all know why we are this way. It’s because it hurts. The injustice, the rapid decline of our health, morals, and our planet. It is too big of a mess for we bleeding hearts. Even though we do get some satisfaction out of playing this role, we need to somehow evolve socially into the “modest educator.” This is what I feel to be a slightly more socially acceptable version of the former. It involves living by example, modesty, and very very little preaching. But as far as this blog goes…be prepared for the more socially unacceptable version of myself. From hereon in, the reader is solely responsible for engaging with me, and is therefore not allowed to go eat dolphins or club baby seals, ok? 😛

Good night all



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