I’m a vegetarian…except for bacon.

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I’m a vegetarian…except for bacon.

I believe the title of this blog sums me up in a nutshell. A bit of a smartass? Yes. In addition to that, I tend to make up my own rules in life, and I detest being pigeon-holed into a category of people simply based on what they eat. Does it say something about a person? Yes. It says a lot, but not everything. It’s not always about health or even ethics.

I tried writing this exact blog 2 years ago. In fact, I’ll even re-post it here for you. It was fiery! I swore a lot, I pissed a lot of people off, including myself, and I quit animal products cold turkey….but guess what? It didn’t last! I firmly believe that quitting animal products is even harder than quitting smoking. Its equivalent is more likely comparable to something in the heroin department. It’s a habit that most of us have been practicing since our first year on Earth, and when you try to quit, you’ll soon realise that it is also an addiction. We are physiologically meant to eat animal products. But let’s face it, we just eat too much of it, and there are just too many of us on this planet to sustain any ethical form of farming these animals. When I say we are “meant to eat animal products,” well yes, I mean it, but not nearly to the extent that we do. We are an intelligent species, and we need to ultimately recognise the consequences of it, and we need to admit that we are not going to evaporate as a species if we stop. It is not necessary! We all know that we can find sufficient amounts of protein in plant foods or even dairy, if you must. The regular consumption of animal products at this stage, given all that we know about its health effects and cost to our planet, is irresponsible, over-indulgent and a bit fucked up to be honest.There it is. I dropped an f-bomb. I just needed to stick it in there just the once to show to you that I mean business. So if you’re a friend of mine who is following me on this blog, my intention is to provoke you, yes. I’m not a missionary. I’m not trying to convert you…wait wait…actually yes I am. I’m even trying to convert myself. But for any of you who already know me, you know this…I’m BLUNT. So don’t expect this blog to be anything but that. If you don’t like what I have to say, then don’t read this. And please please please, don’t make any ignorant comments to humour yourself when you see me next, like “animals are meant to be eaten” or “the planet is doomed anyway” or “who cares! I love a good steak! Especially when I can still hear it mooing.” I might smile at first. I might even laugh, but know this: I am bitch-slapping you in my imagination. If you still want to keep eating meat and animal products and don’t care about what I have to say, that’s fine, just don’t provoke me with ignorant comments. Got it? Ok. It’s absolutely none of my business what you do. It’s your journey.

This blog is about my personal fight with my own ethics and putting them into practice. Vegetarianism, in my experience, is a very simple and healthy lifestyle to adopt. Veganism is a political statement. It requires the use of supplements (i.e. Vitamin B12) because it rejects, entirely, our dependence on animals for survival…even bees!! And let me just get one thing straight here right from the beginning: I will NOT stop eating honey because I simply don’t give a shit about a bee’s personal wellbeing. I care that they don’t become extinct and that they remain prolific and happy little pollinators, but I could give a shit if they’re kept in captivity to produce honey. And eggs…well, I’ll keep you posted. This blog is an attempt to explore and at least partially define my own ethical code when it comes to food. Hey, maybe I’ll become a #vegan or maybe I’ll become a fish-eating vegan or a vegan who won’t give up her morning cappuccino with milk or the occasional brioche. I feel that if we don’t try to stuff ourselves into a strict definition in the beginning, we just might end up surprising ourselves in the end 🙂

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it.

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  1. Candace
    February 9, 2014

    He he… I love the title of your blog 🙂 I also love bacon at times, though I am *trying* to be mostly vegetarian. In my dream world I would eat only meat that came from happy cows who died peacefully, or fish that was caught by my friends and treated with respect (until they met their fate of course – is there any respectful way to kill a living thing?). Anyhow, good for you for doing some insightful writing! xoxo


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